Kayleigh was bought one of my family session gift vouchers for her birthday present back in 2018 and with the awful winter weather we waited until this spring for her session. When Kayleigh contacted me to book her session she was hopeful to do a bluebell session, I had never done one before so looked for a location that was suitable for us both, plus the kiddies!

I came across Norsey Woods which is a small woodland in Billericay and infact many photographers were offering their ‘bluebell session’ services there so I thought okay, it must be a great location and specifically for the bluebells too, that will work out amazing!

Upon arrival I was met by Kayleigh and her two little darling children in the car park area. Driving into Norsey Woods I see the bluebells close by the entrance to the woodland so we headed straight there.

Okay, warning here everyone. I’m still unsure whether it was bluebell related but the amount of bugs, spiders and creepy crawling wasn’t great and become slightly uncomfortable. I’m not one to sweet talk things, it really wasn’t good and I’m glad I was wearing my Dr M’s. However the kiddies and Kayleigh was in summer footwear because we had great weather which probably thinking now wasn’t the best idea but we was unaware of the bugs so we made it work.

The bluebell area was beautiful and our smallest little one had an absolute field day! I carried a log from the side into the middle of the area for a seating place but as children do, they much preferred to play with twigs anything else they could find on the ground. Children don’t always like to play ball and that is totally fine. My sessions are to be complete free and encourage children to explore. I will capture them however and whichever way I can. It makes it all the more fun and plus, I love being outdoors too!

Shortly after we went over to the opposite side of the woodland where there was giant logs, trees you could climb in and wooden benches. We as away from the crawlies but certainly not the exploring. Children really are just so happy to be out in the open. After getting a dance show from the eldest and tree climbing from the youngest, its fair to say I think they enjoyed themselves!

On the plus side Kayleigh absolutely loved her photos and left me a beautifully kind review for my services.

I got a voucher for my birthday for a lifestyle photoshoot with Shianne and she did not disappoint! I had an image in my head of what I wanted and honestly the pictures have come out better than I expected. My darling children did not want to play ball for the best part and if you look through the pictures, no one would ever know. Shianne interacts with the kids and gets them doing things that somehow manage to get them to smile and she snaps those oh so perfect pictures that I had really wanted. I would absolutely recommend Shianne, shes an absolute star and so very talented!



This was my last location lifestyle session for 2018 and what a treat it was.

Chantelle contacted me to arrange a fun family location session in the forest with 6 wonderful children as a gift for her Mother-in-Law’s birthday. As a part of a location session Chantelle had in mind Hockley Woods, a huge woodland space situated in Hockley. I had never heard of Hockley Woods before so did a little research and see the location was so big and full of fun spaces.

On arrival I met with Chantelle, her children and some more of the family and was introduced to all the children taking part in today’s session.

We explored the near part of Hockley woods closest from the car park as on arrival we saw some beautiful logs and colourful trees right on top of us which looked like the perfect spot. In and amongst the big trees where beams on sunshine shining through the tree tops that really completed some of the photographs.

Chantelle specifically asked for some group and individual shots of the children which we began with first and they soon got into the swing of things once they become more familiar in front of the camera. All my lifestyle sessions include the more traditional photographs as well as of course all the fun ones!

Not far into the session the children became more relaxed and our youngest member of the session LOVED having her photograph taken. We played with throwing the leaves and some races around the trees. Children just automatically have fun on outdoor sessions and is why I love them so much. They are free to explore and do what they like and it’s a great thing to capture.

After all the fun stuff we made our way back to the big logs where our session started out. Climbing is always fun too and our two of the siblings did just that. They climbed, they ran and then jumped from giant logs which caught some brilliant moments too!

“We will definitely have more photos in the future! We absolutely love them!”


Hollie, Parker and Reign’s Auntie contacted me to see if we could meet up and get some snaps of the two most adorable brothers as a gift for her sister (Parker and Reign’s Mummy) as it was her birthday a couple of weeks ago.

We booked a location session in very last minute at a location I love to go to myself. King George’s Playing Fields, which is situated in the centre of Brentwood in Essex. It is made up of all different areas including an outside swimming pool, crazy golf, woodland areas and a play ground. It was the most perfect location for two toddlers that like to run around and have lots of fun.

Hollie asked for exactly what my style offers which is a very candid approach to family fun. As a documentary photographer I love to document real moments and this family session definitely had lots of those.

It isn’t always about those picture perfect moments but what really holds memories are the photographs that tell so many stories. The session with Parker and Reign are exactly that and I LOVE THEM!

They capture so many emotions and the beautiful relationship these two cuties have between them.