Somewhere I lived. Woke up every morning. Ate dinner every night. Bathed and relaxed. Slept. Felt safe. Felt free. Spent time with my family. Spent time living my life.

This was my home,

this is now my story

Summer of 2004 my parents gave me the greatest news, we was moving to Spain. On the 31st October 2004 it all began. A life yet to be lived, experiences yet to be made. A once in a lifetime opportunity and I was a very lucky little girl.

A year passed before moving to our second home in a little down called L’Albir. No.4 Carrer Colom, the home I grew up in. This is the home I carry so many wonderful memories from.

This life took its toll on my family and our home. A recession hit and we was unable to sell our home to move on to something new. So we returned to England just two years later.

7 years on, on the 3rd April 2014 I returned to what was once my home. My choice, just out of curiosity and interest.

Abandoned. Burnt. Demolished and not even for a good cause. Destroyed and dug up. Pulled apart and completely


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Shianne Mercer, 2014.

(3 photographs shown above are a few of the real, documented moments I have of this place I once called home.)