We’re taking it back to last year. The 21st December to be exact, when Katie and Oliver married in the sweetest intimate ceremony with their very closest family members. After years of being together since their childhood, a home and their absolutely beautiful little boy Hector it was time for them to tie the knot. …


Ah well, how do I begin… Kathy contacted me a short while before her wedding looking for a photographer. She had seen my work and loved my style. When talking about her wedding it was going to be totally relaxed. We had a lovely video call to discuss all their plans and for me to give over some ideas etc. This was really lovely as I was able to see them and have a good old chat before their big day. I always give this option to anyway to get to know me and visa versa, especially if they good a little last minute.

Kathy and Andy got married at Apton Hall, a venue I had not shot at but had a wedding booked for next year that I was looking forward to. To be able to shoot there this year was amazing as I love going to new venues! Aston Hall is such a beautiful venue, very sleek and stylish with so much detail that you almost don’t need decor. Kathy and Andy were spending the morning together totally relaxed with the children in a very easy going, chilled out space. They had the bridal suit at Apton Hall which was beautiful and had enough room for all there that morning.

During bridal prep I was greated by Andy who gave me a little tour of the venue, then headed upstairs to meet Kathy who was with her Mother, Sister and all the children. Shortly after some guests began to arrive including two of Katy’s best friends who then joined us upstairs too. The decor to Apton hall was totally minimal and elegant, the venue is absolutely beautiful without the added extras so what Kathy and Andy had done really completed the look. The opted for two different wedding cakes, a rustic semi naked multiple tier cake with added floral detail and then a cheese cake which looked absolute amazing.

Their ceremony was totally relaxed and informative. With them walking down the aisle together to just the general flow of the day. Their love beamed throughout the venue and the ceremony was so lovely with the sweetest words read from family and friends. Joint moments at the top of the aisle and 3 beautiful little girls little in with the biggest smiles at the happiness around them. I spent pretty much the entire day at Apton hall for Kathy and Andy’s wedding and throughout the day just got better and better. With weather not being the best it really didn’t put a dampen on anything. After the ceremony we went straight into some couple photos, with umbrellas in hand we took a walk around the venue and it really wasn’t as bad as I though for my first very rainy wedding! After some group shots in the ceremony room it was time for some food and a little break.

After the meal it was time for speeches, they were emotional and so sentimental. Written from the heart and so raw. There is nothing more beautiful that reminiscing over memories and journeys between my wedding couples. It gives me an even bigger insight to them as a couple and to everyone present on the day, both friends and family I imagine it to be so magical. Kathy and Andy’s love story was so beautiful and they are definitely made for one another. Andy’s speech of humour and tears was so memorable and he is an amazing man. As is Kathy an incredible kind women and the three special little girl are so sweet and lovely.

The evening started with a magic mirror, disco and lots of dancing. The children were crazy on the dance floor and the best man even joined in with them! It was a beautiful day full of beautiful people. A ceremony made so perfect for a perfect pair. Thank you Kathy and Andy for choosing me to photograph your special day. It was an honour and one I will never forget.

A beautiful relaxed marriage full of entire happiness.


Nadine contacted me back during this summer on the request of some couple portraits being shot. This wasn’t just any normal booking as she had already been married… she continued.

This May Nadine and Tony got married and celebrated the most perfect day with all their friends and family. After receiving the photographs from her wedding photographer Nadine got in contact with me with the request to re-shoot her couple portraits as they wasn’t as she wished from the day. I was totally thrilled to be asked to do something like this and be trusted to create imagery which would be perfect for her. I knew of Nadine as she was a make up artist for my bride Lauren back in April so had credited her work from them. She always followed me and gave me support so after this contact it was an honour to do the job.

We chose a different venue to where she got married and instead picked to do their shoot on a Sunday afternoon at Langtons House and Gardens which is a little hidden gem in the heart of Hornchurch, Havering. Langton’s House is a public park too with a beautiful duck pond, a Sunday afternoon it gets people on the grounds having picnics or just sitting and admiring the location. We was met by many ‘congratulations’ as we walked through the grounds which was a little funny as they actually got married months ago! But they both looked so amazing you wouldn’t have known that that Sunday wasn’t their special day.

Thank you for giving me the honour to get the perfect wedding portraits for you both. Our session was perfect, the weather, the venue and the bride and groom. Nadine has given me the kindest feedback from her photographs and I am so pleased to have given exactly what you wished for.

“Omg, Ive just looked through them and they are amazing! I absolutely love them. Thank you so much”