A few weeks back I photographed the sweetest little boy Isaac. When he’s mum, Sacha got in contact with me she was searching for someone who provided a home newborn session and I do! We got the session booked in at my next availability and the rest was history!

It was a sunday afternoon when I headed over to their family home and was greeted by Sacha and the most adorable little baby boy Isaac. The purpose of Isaac’s shoot was just to document the moment as it was. Isaac loved he’s dummy and it really helped settle him. I asked Sacha if she would prefer me to remove it for the photos and she wasn’t fussed. To her with or without his dummy is a beautiful moment in itself and it really was all about just photographing Isaac and capturing some of his first moments at home.

As all the parents in the world know, baby don’t stay little forever. I loved Sacha’s purpose for the session and it being more than just having nice photos to show people. It really had sentimental values and I’m all about that!

We did a few different outfit changes and the entire session was photographs on Isaac’s little floor mat, baring some moments with Mummy which I couldn’t help but get. Every moment, every emotion, a whole hour to just embrace this little human and photograph all he’s details. He is such a happy content little one who loves to see and hear everything going on.

It was so joyful photographing Isaac and baby cuddles are just the best. Perks of newborn sessions!


A couple of weeks ago I spent my sunday morning with a new little arrival and her family. Baby was just shy of 4 week at the time of session and still had all the newness!

Mum opted for a home session. These are so perfect and ideal with newborns. It makes the experience so much more relaxed and comfortable for everyone involved. It also allows us the time we need to get the perfect shots.

My newborn sessions are my only staged photographs, by this I mean positioning baby and waiting for them perfect moments. Baby during this session was a dream to work with. It took a little longer to get her settled in moments but thats why home sessions are so ideal when it comes to newborns.

On preparing for babys newborn session Mum had got a few outfit changes ready and we also arranged for some family pics. This is another part of newborn sessions I love, who says it just had to be baby alone? For all, a new arrival into a family means a family unit and that to is something that warrants to be photographed.

I shot most of the photographs in a window bay in the front room of their family home. The perfect lighting was beaming through giving the clear vision of daylight. She woke for some of the shots with her eyes wide open looking around, she especially loves looking out the window!

“Thank you Shianne, you have captured a whole lot of beautiful memories in each and every shot of baby. I could not of asked for anything more, I am so glad you were the one to capture the moments of her while she is so small. I will treasure baby’s first photos for a lifetime and you made the experience just magical”


Baby Grayson was my winter newborn I photographed the beginning of December. After mum Bobbie requesting to have some newborn photos done of her little one she asked my availability and book there and then.

Luckily enough, Bobbie lives walking distance from me so we was on common ground which really set things off before we had even met.

On the Saturday morning of baby Grayson’s session I arrived at their home to meet the tiny little bundle of joy and oh he was so perfectly diddy.

I only shoot in home or on location for my lifestyle sessions but with my little ones at home is best especially in these winter months. Using fluffy rugs and cosy blankets we worked around a beautifully lit floor space directly beside patio doors where the daylight just beamed through. It was perfect!

A calm baby is always kept when it comes to newborn sessions, and patience! Grayson didn’t like having no clothes on, nor being changed so began the session in a cute little grey knitted romper with a fabric collar. He always lashed with he’s head to the side which isn’t a problem because with newborns you have to work around them.

He was joyful and full of life, he’s eyes opened big and staring directly at my lens. I even got a big yawn which I love to document in my newborn sessions. The features of a baby are so important, they really don’t stay this little for long! We went onto a second change which upset Grayson a little but it was a must to get some nude shots with a brilliant white personalised hat with he’s name on. So there he was, wrapped in a white cosy blanket, personalised hat and then it was dummy time.

Dummy’s are one of the biggest comforts to baby and it is important to allow babies to have their comforts throughout their sessions, even if it means taking 10 minutes out to cradle them and make them comfortable! Soon after some little comforts baby Grayson fell asleep so we could continue the rest of the session… which brought us to its end.

After Grayson’s portraits he was joined with mum and dad for some family shots. I find shooting in the home much more relaxed for everyone, especially baby. It brings a great comfort and sense of relaxation to the client and especially baby. Grayson was an absolute dream and very photogenic. The daylight on our side really blemish he’s newborn skin and them eyes, oh they are beautiful!

“Very friendly and professional, great quality and the amount of pictures we got was amazing!”