There’s nothing better than reading a little bio, I love engaging with people through our loves and likes for the same thing so here goes!

I’m Shianne Mercer, a 90’s girl who loves adventure, exploring new things, learning and being outdoors. I am an Essex Londoner, if there is such a thing? I spent a few years of my childhood living in the south-east of Spain and now live on the outskirts of Chelmsford which for me feels like total country-side in comparison to a town closer to London. I share a home with my Fiancée, Daughter and our little (big) puppy Simba who is worse than a toddler but has so much love to give!

I am outgoing, sociable, sensitive, positive, hilarious (yes I laugh at my own jokes), adventurous, a total creative, your new best friend, soul sister and agony aunt. I love hearing stories from my grandparents generation and spending time with my family and friends. I practically only ever buy sale items and wear Dr Martens whatever the weather. When work is busy I’m on a work coaster, I spend most of my weekend at weddings or with families and my week days I get my editing and admin groove on. During the week days around work I do school runs, food shops and have lots of coffee breaks! I’m only 5 minutes from my local costa and I still don’t have a costa card. It should be illegal!

My childhood family album means so much to me for many different reasons. Not only does it hold so much sentimental value, but actually helped me visualise and shape memories and moments from my childhood I would have otherwise never remembered. I am thankful every day for my mum using tons of kodak disposables throughout the 90’s. I always thought I would be a teacher, I love to be organised, in control and am a little bossy. I am so thankful for this amazing journey I have been put on. Having a job I have always dreamt of and never thought achievable. It has brought me so many moments of pride, such an amazing supportive community and have accomplished things I never thought possible.

Dr Martens – Coffee – Afternoon Tea – Reality TV – Forests – Oversized Clothes – Roast Dinners – Museums – Arts & Crafts – Markets – Candles – Mint or Orange snacks – Carrot Cake – My Family

Prawns – Alcohol – Bugs – Pepperoni – Negativity – Seafood

Buy my Own Home – Win the Lottery – Get Married

Ba (Hons) Degree in Photography – Becoming a Mother – Winner Best New Business of the Year 2020 at the Essex Wedding Awards

Destination Wedding – Run a workshop – Collaborate more with other suppliers

Eating – Crafts – Cooking – Retail Shopping – My job

Miracles – Fate – SPIRITS – Everything happens for a reason – The Universe – Love at first sight

When I was 3 I broke my Tibia and Fibula after jumping of a bunk bed thinking I could fly – I’ve lived in 12 different houses – I have been to 7 different schools – My family tree is so confusing! LOL

The New Forest – Caravan Holidays – A good pub lunch – Wedding shows

I have a lot of time for the people I care about – I’m thoughtful and giving – I can have a good old’ laugh

I’m sensitive – I doubt myself quite a lot – I sometimes find it hard to see the silver lining


Photography is such a hard subject to crack! I was torn between a Photography Diploma in College or taking Spanish at A Level and becoming a translator. I was put off my A levels because of the hours, with my Diploma I was able to get a more flexible job and also have time to explore and create my own adventures so it was a no brainer!

I started my Photography Diploma back in 2012 a year after leaving school and them two years taught me basics on how to work a camera. Frustration after every module that passed as to when I will find ‘my style’ and my various tutors always telling me ‘it will come’. I started my degree two years later and was still unknown. I have Artists I love such as Sally Mann, for her purity and sticking to what she believed in. However, could still never distinguish my authentic style. Until one day i got asked “Why did you choose to do photography” so I said… “Because I love looking back at my childhood family album and how real and true the photographs are. I now have memories of my childhood I didn’t actually remember just by looking at them pictures and reading them”

And there was my answer…

In 2014 I took a trip to Spain, where I grew up. Our journey there ended in June 2007 due to the recession and not being able to sell our home, so it was left. Abandoned. During my trip I revisited the place we once called home and Photographed each room (to show my parents). It was a demolition site, walls had been smashed down, steel had been stolen and squatters had been sleeping. It was at that point I felt guilt and upset, not because of what it was at this moment in time but because of the memories I have from that time in my life. Most importantly, how there was never many photographs of our home. 10 at the max. What was I going to show new friends of my past? What was I going to show my future children of such a special moment in my life? Nothing but the photographs I have taken on my trip. The Photographs that read nothing but an empty, broken space. > HOME WRECKED

I do photography for this reason. I understand the importance of a photograph and the importance of its value. Whether it be of a place or a person, a good moment or a bad, it is a memory that if gone you can never get back. One that although you cannot go back to you physically, you can relive through the power of photography mentally.

I know first hand the power of a photograph. Think about it… I bet you do to.

I am a Graduate from University of East London with a Bachelor of Art Honours Degree in Photography.

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