Sometimes picking the right Photographer is about knowing the Photographer, so here is a little more about me…

So this is me, Shianne. Exploring a beautiful mix culture gallery during a trip to Amsterdam back in 2014. Where the walls where so high and the rooms where so big I felt like I could spend forever taking in every little breathtaking detail.

London born, raised for 3 years of my childhood in the beautiful town of L’Albir in Spain. The youngest of 4 siblings and an Auntie to a great handful of little ones. I am a Mother, most importantly and my family are my world.

My childhood family album is my life, literally, and made me what I am all about today.

I’m pretty sure most of my memories of a child come from looking back at them snap shot, out of focus amazing little 6×4 prints my mum was clearly forever getting developed from an old Kodak disposable. Wasn’t that what ‘capturing the moment’ was all about? And of course, still is.

My memories are because of them wonderful little gems, I have been able to look back and re-live. Reading the story behind a photograph is such an amazing thing, they really do speak a thousand words!

I am a Graduate from the University of East London with a 2:1 Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Photography.

Growing up my dream was to always become a teacher and yes, one day hopefully it will come true! I am a Documentary Photographer sharing my Art with the world.

It brings me peace, pride and so much more!

I love all things cute and cosy, outdoorsy and free. Oversized clothes, antiques and overall vintage. Some people say I occasionally dress like an old lady.

Galleries and museums are my thing. Exploring the world around us and adventuring through other cultures is too!

FOOD is my numero uno, if I’m not eating it I’m talking about it. What is your favourite dinner? Mine is a Sunday Roast!

I am a chick flick fanatic and reality shows are my guilty pleasure.

I like being sociable, yet alone. I like the summer days, yet the sounds of thunder and lightning. I like long hair, yet always get mine cut short. Oh the list goes on…


Photography is such a hard subject to crack! I was torn between a Photography Diploma in College or taking Spanish at A Level and becoming a translator. The only thing that put me off the Spanish was the other 3 subjects I would have to do aswell and they all ended in ‘ology’

“I am creative, not clever” I say quite a lot to crack a little bit of banter, but just that I have a creative mind and can sometimes be a bit gullible.

I started my Photography Diploma back in 2012 a year after leaving high school and them two years taught me basics on how to work a camera. Frustration after every module that passed as to when I will find ‘my style’ and my various tutors always telling me ‘it will come’.

I started my degree two years later and was still unknown. I have Artists I love such as Sally Mann, for her purity and sticking to what she believed in. However, could still never distinguish my authentic style. Until one day i got asked “Why did you choose to do photography” so I said… “Because I love looking back at my childhood family album and how real and true the photographs are. I now have memories of my childhood I didn’t actually remember just by looking at them pictures and reading them”

And there was my answer…

I worked on many personal projects throughout my degree and each one made me understand myself more and more as an Artist.

In 2014 I took a trip to Spain, where I grew up. Our journey there ended in June 2007 due to the recession and not being able to sell our home, so it was left. Abandoned.

During my trip I revisited the place we once called home and Photographed each room (to show my parents). It was a demolition site, walls had been smashed down, steel had been stolen and squatters had been sleeping. It was at that point I felt guilt and upset, not because of what it was at this moment in time but because of the memories I have from that time in my life.

Most importantly, how there was never many photographs of our home. 10 at the max. What was I going to show new friends of my past? What was I going to show my future children of such a special moment in my life?

Nothing but the photographs I have taken on my trip. The Photographs that read nothing but an empty, broken space.


I do photography for this reason. I understand the importance of a photograph and the importance of its value. Whether it be of a place or a person, a good moment or a bad, it is a memory that if gone you can never get back. One that although you cannot go back to you physically, you can relive through the power of photography mentally.

I know first hand the power of a photograph. Think about it… I bet you do to.

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