This newborn session was an absolute dream for more reasons than one. Not only are newborn session just the cutest anyway, this sweet baby girl is my niece, Bonnie-May. She was born early May but due to restrictions she was kept safe at home for some time. I finally got to see her just last week and couldn’t help but get some beautiful portraits of her.

Home newborn sessions are becoming very popular especially during recent times and I love them for all that they are meaning at this current time and always. The safety, the tranquility and the comfort are all key factors to a dreamy newborn session! Theres something about the comfort of your own home that does it for me. Also with a newborn sometimes its pretty hard work to get out the house, so win win!

Bonnie-May is the first born of my older brother and he’s partner and the newest baby to our forever growing extended family. It is so adorable and memorising watching newborns grow. They don’t stay little for long and them first couple of months are so precious. Their little features and ways change so incredibly quick! The importance of baby pictures are just what they are, so important! Whether it be newborn or a couple of months old. These precious moments pass so fast so be sure to document them!