As I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. My lifestyle sessions really have no limits! Summer got in touch with me in March just before the world went into lockdown to book a newborn session for her sweet new baby, Berry. It wasn’t just a newborn session, we included the most beautiful family portraits as well as some adorable snaps with the family doggie, Milo. When you’re surrounded by an amazing family unit it’s definitely a must to photograph everyone together and the special bond they all have.

Secondly, going onto something else I have said before and in fact many people I know go by this saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. This takes me onto how Summer got in touch in the first place! Summer works with Samantha, a friend of mine who I have known from school. Who if you’re a follower of mine you would have seen many photographs I’ve shared of Samantha and her beautiful family, most recently my blog post of Millie and Mason. Summer also works with the lovely Stacey from @seeithappy who is such a kind and caring lady, needless to say she is super talented too! So basically this is the triangle. Summer had seen work I had done for Samantha in the past and loved it, whilst Stacey sent a recommendation my way when Summer was looking to book someone for her own sweet newborn. With the help of the past and the present it creates the future and Summer booked her session on enquiry! It’s amazing how work grows and I love all these magical little journey stories that bring my clients to me. All the kind words, recommendations and just general support is absolutely amazing so it’s a must that I shared that with you.

The session with Summer and Mark was super flexible and I manage to get them in the following week on a Tuesday early morning in between school runs, which was perfect for me! I arrived at their family home around 10am to be greeted by Summer, Mark, the most adorable dog in the world, Milo and their perfect little newborn baby girl, Berry. Can I just say how beautiful her name is. I am one for names you don’t tend to hear often or ever at all so I was absolutely cooing over Berry’s name when I heard it, it suits her perfectly and has the sweetest back story.

We started the session with a nappy change ritual which is a must when commencing a newborn session. A clean baby is a happy baby after all! Their kitchen had the most perfect light so we revisited this space shortly after for some beautiful family portraits. Photographing new parents with their baby’s is so special. They don’t stay that small and delicate for long and it really is such an honour to photograph them very first moments. Before writing this blog I posted that I was going to start it and Summer mentioned how Berry has already grown so much in the few months since this session, which makes it even more special to have these moments as still memories forever.

I spent some time in the lounge to create some solo photographs of Berry whilst she slept for the very short while she did. She Definitley wanted to be up and looking around and was adamant to only be comfortable in one sleeping position so we went with the flow. Baby’s aren’t easy to photograph at all and I comment them photographers who specialise in newborns! You have to be really accommodating to their needs, patience is a virtue and key to a newborn session! That’s why I love home sessions for my newborns, it allows time to be flexible in the surroundings as well as keeping baby happy, entertained and at ease. With her big brother Milo being super protective of me moving her around we decided to include him in some shots too.

It was the sweetest session full of so much love, we ended with a family portrait which was super cute! I absolutely love to photograph new family in these precious moments. Looking back at this gallery takes me right back to that morning and I remember it all so clearly. As I say, it is an absolute honour to have documented this moment for Summer, Mark and their family. They was so pleased with their photographs, especially the ones with Berry and Milo which I’m sure won everyone over!

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