In December last year I put out a day of winter mini sessions, its safe to say they was a hit! All my slots sold out within 48 hours and the last hour was taken up by my cousin Josie. She got in touch to see if I could do an extra half an hour at the end to do her an extended family mini session with her sister in law Vicky and their children who are all cousins.

The mini sessions where done in perfect time to get the photos back just in time for Christmas gifts and I think this is what worked so well. I will definitely look at doing it again at the end of this year. Although the winder months are cold, its so lovely to get wrapped up and go for a nice outdoor stroll. The winters sun is so beautiful and golden too which really set the scene at their session which was in the afternoon.

We explored all areas of the woodland, plays on giant logs and even took a walk around a giant lake. The children had tons of fun with some shyness throughout but plenty of cheeky smiles too! It was so lovely to capture these moments for my cousin and her extended family.