If you’re not a doggie fan this isn’t the place for you! As for me, this is totally my thing! I have known Natalie and Billy for some time now and me and Natalie have always spoke about how amazing it would be to do a doggie session with their little Maggie. When my mini sessions popped up it was the pawfect opportunity! Ignore my awful pun, it had to be done lol.

Maggie is a Puggle, for those who don’t know a Puggle is a cross bread dog between a Pug and Beagle. I mean, how adorable is she? She was so photogenic and totally rocked her outfits! For a dog who apparently always avoids getting a paw dirty, total diva may I add. Maggie was roaming around get her paws in all sorts! Her coat glowed in the winter sun and matched the perfect colour palette of the woodland.

Now, it isn’t a lifestyle session without getting some humans involved so we end the session with a family portrait to which we joked would be printed and framed all around Natalie and Billy’s home. It was the sweetest shoot and Maggie is super too adorable, check out her pics!