This session was a little different to any I had done before. It had been years since I shot something along these lines and it was usually for project work whilst I was at college and uni.

This beautiful family I love so very dearly, they mean the world to me and throughout the years have photographed some of the members as working products or sample sessions when I was younger and dreamt of being a self employed photographer. Funny how things turn out eh!

Natasha is my sister, older but smaller and Stuart is her partner. Between them they have 5 beautiful children who I absolutely adore and a dog who Stuart would class as the 6th child. When my sister asked if she could book a family session last December I giggled. I wasn’t sure if she was serious or not? Like I say for years I had used my niece and nephew in project work as models and did plenty of lifestyle stuff with them when they was younger. I thought she was honestly messing so I said yeah of course I’ll take some photos of them! She said, no I mean I want to actually book a an hour lifestyle session. It actually came as a little shock and struck me as a surprise. The sweetest thing, I couldn’t believe she wanted me to create work for her and her family. It honestly was a proud moment.

We booked their family session in for early December (it was my only date available) and decided to set off to our local Nature Reserve! Again, my absolute favourite place around the Romford area. We know the space so well as it works no matter the session so that was a no brainer.

This session was special, not only was it to get some lovely memories and a beautiful family portrait for my sister, but my mum came along and also Stuart’s Dad who lives in America. He was over visiting for Christmas so again made total sense to capture some beautiful memories.

This has to be one of my favourite winter sessions! The colour pallette from this winter’s day was absolutely beautiful and I must say, I do love a big family session!