Hello 2019 and welcome to my first session of the year!

2018 was a complete whirlwind and I enjoyed it soon much! The up’s, the up’s and even more up’s for Shianne Mercer Photography. I look forward to all my wonderful sessions and to meet my even more wonderful clients.

I thought I would enter 2019 with something new to start the new year. Now as many people know Cake Smash sessions are so popular and are requested a lot all over social media. I personally have never approached anyone regarding these sessions as they are known to be studio based and for anyone who knows me, I don’t do studios!

I have always loved the idea of an outside cake smash session but never knew a client wanting this so it was a difficult one. Until I noticed my fabulous friend Lauren requesting recommendations for a cake smash shoot for her adorable little girl Luna’s 1st birthday. Lauren didn’t pin point any specifications to the shoot just that she wanted a Cake Smash so I approached her with the idea of an outside session. To this she was very interested! It is something different and I know Lauren loves different!

We discussed prop ideas and locations, I pretty much had it all in place as I have been waiting for do this so long so we just needed to pick a date and get it booked in. Lauren recommended the session be on the morning of Luna’s 1st birthday which was in a weeks time and I was over the moon! Not only was I getting to do something I have wished for for so long but also on the actual day of the birthday girls 1st birthday. It couldn’t get any better than that eh?!

The session took place at a location I love and have used a handful of times, The Manor Nature Reserve in Romford. I found an open space before the forest and woodland begun with a big tree and low branches. A flat ground and perfect space to get an open air backdrop too! With the weather being a bit on the chilly side atlas then we have some sun shining down. We opted for a pink sprinkle cake which we had discussed previously with a rainbow centre, along with a birthday calligraphy bunting, a couple of dream catchers, a blush pink floral garland and a couple of different blankets/throws in beige and pink shades. Luna wore a light pink stripe top/tutu set with a gold ‘one’ printing on the front. The detail really does make it all come together.

I got to the location 20 minutes before the session begun to set everything up and get it all in place, not long after the birthday girl arrived. For a little one who loves cake she was definitely more interested in the dog walkers. With help from Mummy and Daddy, Luna dug into her cake but didn’t like to make a big mess. She took a lot of interest in the texture of the cake more so than its taste, which is completely fine. Along as she enjoyed herself thats all that matters. Some time tasting some cake and looking at all the decorations with Mummy brought us to the end of the session. More cake for Mummy and Daddy to have when they got home!

I love these sessions because children are in complete control of it. A bit like my family sessions, I always leave it free and open with much patience for children to be comfortable and take their time either getting used to be or their location.

I cannot wait for more Cake Smashes and also the spring weather!