This was my last location lifestyle session for 2018 and what a treat it was.

Chantelle contacted me to arrange a fun family location session in the forest with 6 wonderful children as a gift for her Mother-in-Law’s birthday. As a part of a location session Chantelle had in mind Hockley Woods, a huge woodland space situated in Hockley. I had never heard of Hockley Woods before so did a little research and see the location was so big and full of fun spaces.

On arrival I met with Chantelle, her children and some more of the family and was introduced to all the children taking part in today’s session.

We explored the near part of Hockley woods closest from the car park as on arrival we saw some beautiful logs and colourful trees right on top of us which looked like the perfect spot. In and amongst the big trees where beams on sunshine shining through the tree tops that really completed some of the photographs.

Chantelle specifically asked for some group and individual shots of the children which we began with first and they soon got into the swing of things once they become more familiar in front of the camera. All my lifestyle sessions include the more traditional photographs as well as of course all the fun ones!

Not far into the session the children became more relaxed and our youngest member of the session LOVED having her photograph taken. We played with throwing the leaves and some races around the trees. Children just automatically have fun on outdoor sessions and is why I love them so much. They are free to explore and do what they like and it’s a great thing to capture.

After all the fun stuff we made our way back to the big logs where our session started out. Climbing is always fun too and our two of the siblings did just that. They climbed, they ran and then jumped from giant logs which caught some brilliant moments too!

“We will definitely have more photos in the future! We absolutely love them!”