Although many of you have probably been to a handful of Christenings/Baptisms throughout your life. I however, have not. As a matter of fact only 1 in my life-time and I personally don’t remember it much as it was some years ago now.

So, to have the honour of spending this wonderful day with such a great family was a touch of luck for me. And could also add to the list of Blessings I have witnessed which of course is a great moment in itself!

Abby contacted me quite early on when she was on the hunt for a photographer to capture her daughters special day and was pleased with the package I offered!

Abby booked in a lifestyle event package and between the pair of us worked out the best amount of time to capture the entire ceremony as well as some lovely family shots for afterwards.

The ceremony took place at Sacred Heart of Jesus R C Church in Southend and it was a absolutely beautiful church!

We arrived just after 12noon ready for the 12:30 ceremony Abby had for both of her daughters and upon arrival I met Abby, her Husband Steven, their two adorable daughters who were getting Baptised on this day and their sons too. As well as the godparents, family and lots of friends!

The ceremony was beautifully done and I must say the children (and there were a good few) behaved so well, I was surprised! Having children myself I know that they aren’t quiet at the best of times! But it was great!

After the Baptism I went outside and waited for everyone to leave the church. There was a small green to the left with some trees and tall walls from the church side which I noticed on arrival, I thought this was a great place for some family photos! And it was. The backdrop was great and the autumnal colours really blasted on the photographs which I love!

“You really captured our girls day, in the most perfect way”