Pets, awh aren’t they great?! This is Elsa the Cockerpoo. She is a family dog and full of beans! Very hyper at times but caring and affectionate. She knows when someone isn’t feeling too well and knows when someone is sad. That’s when you know you have a friends for life.

Back n 2016 I took some shots of Elsa one afternoon in her home environment, it was just a fun session. She has grown a lot since then and should really do an updated shoot with her, maybe next week after she has been to the groomers and I can see her beautiful face a little better! 🙂

Her favourite foods are Bran Flakes for breakfast and secretly spaghetti bolognese for dinner… She has a little human best friend loves anything she isn’t meant to eat! A bit like me.

Whilst writing this blog I have decided my next session for Elsa. I am going to document her day! A day in the life of Elsa the Cockerpoo. Keep a look out, It will be coming soon!!


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