This week I have been gathering some old work from my hard drive that would be practical to share on here with you guys.

Well when I say old work I don’t mean old old, just a couple of years old. Work that sits far back in my mind that never got to show themselves to this wonderful world we live in, what a shame! So now it has time.

I have SOOOOO much work that I haven’t shared as I have only been blogging about my new work from this year, but why? I can blog about absolutely anything so thats exactly what I am going to do. Also, it keeps my website active and gives me more work to share with the world.

I was recently asked by a lovely lady on my socials whether I have any newborn sessions she can have a look at as there are none on here, unfortunately I didn’t have any at hand to show. I have done MANY sessions over the years and a lot of it is stored away on hard drives as my website has only been open since Jan 2018 so only my work after that point is being shown here.

But I thought I would change that. From this moment onwards.

So here goes, what shall I show first…

No not newborns, newborns are days old or the earliest weeks. But what about after that? The age in between newborn and toddler when it them becomes a family session.

So baby sessions? YES baby sessions!

I offer baby sessions in my newborn & baby area on my site. They are apart of my lifestyle session category and are so cheap and cheerful! Mainly because I LOVE THEM. Baby sessions can run from weeks old to months old. Through so many amazing baby stages that are great to document. The earliest stage of baby sessions some may find unimportant as there isn’t much movement in babies and after an adorable days old newborn session why would you bother?

Well baby change so fast, from one day to the next they change. Their features, their ability to do the smallest things but to them or their parents is such a huge step! Also, isn’t a picture of your baby no matter what just the best? A picture that everyone you show can coo over. Oh yes.

Here is Freddie, a second born to mum Kirsty and the cutest little brother to Finley. This was a baby home session, nice and cosy where Freddie could do whatever he wished. Finley was at school so he missed this session, maybe one day we will get some shots of the both of them together!

Freddie spent he’s day chilling as some may say. Such a laid back beautiful boy with lots of smiles for everyone! He loved laying on he’s floor activity mat and also in he’s booster seat so that he was upright and could see everything going on around him!



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