Oh where do I start with this one…

I have been holding on for what feels like forever to share this story with you and now I can, eeeeeeeek!

Back in January when I got approached by my previous client Sarah about her wedding, she told me her sister was also getting married this year. After telling her send me over a message I came to the realisation that me and Sinead (Sarah’s sister) had crossed paths a few years back in the Nightclub scene of our local town.

I was delighted she was enquiring if I was available on the day of her wedding, which of course I was! After this point, myself and Sinead began discussing her wedding and all the important little details to and from that I love to exchange with my clients.

Then in May, at Sinead’s sisters (Sarah) wedding I had a joyful chat with Sinead and also met her fiancee Ashleigh! It was so lovely to be able to have a chat with them both about their day and also enjoy an evening together getting to know one-another that much more. We got on extremely well and knowing Sinead previously meant that the whole thing was that much more relaxed, especially for Sinead and Ashleigh.

On the build up to their big day we spoke a lot about the venue which was a beautiful little Chapel set back on the high street of Hampstead Heath. It is called The Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel. Sinead and Ashleigh always had dreams to get married in a church but with options being limited that meant they had to travel out to find a venue that was ideal for them. Also one they felt was right! And must I add, this venue was SOOOO right!

The evening of their ceremony was going to take place back closer to their home in Essex at The Railway Hotel in Hornchurch where they hired a function hall. Perfect for friends and family to be close to home.

I arrived at The Rosslyn Hill Chapel previous to guests arriving to document the grounds and the space around the cutest Chapel I found in the centre. It felt so traditional yet so quirky and most definitely calming. Sinead, her sisters and bridal party (on her side) arrived shortly after and began to get ready. Now these are the shots I love! Trying to get a handful of little children ready in the smallest backroom of a Chapel doesn’t always sounds like the easiest of things does it? I guess it isn’t. Children have no patients at the best of times but tantrums in a photograph make it all that more real. Then there is Sinead, sitting amongst the chaos of wedding prep I could almost feel the butterflies she had in her tummy but she looked absolutely beautiful!

Guests began to arrive and sit themselves down, just in time for our second bride Ashleigh to arrive. Ashleigh arrived with her two bridesmaids and we had just enough time to get some portrait shots our front of the chapel. Then it was onto the ceremony.

Never have I been to a wedding so raw and beautiful, for work or for pleasure. Music playing on the grand piano to the right of me. One by one enters each bride with their fathers in arm. Sinead first, then Ashleigh second. The Ceremony itself was so beautiful and really brought joy to everyone there that day. The Chapel itself was so spacious and clear inside. Everything was so calming, the entire process of the day. Including my job!

The entire day went to ease. Leaving the venue after vows, rings, speeches, not to mention the cutest best man! The guest held a confetti throw to the new Brides as they made an exit from the Chapel. The entrance to the Chapel had the most beautiful blue door. It really was a special part of the venue which we later on returned too for some shots of the brides together.

One of Sinead and Ashleigh’s wishes was to make sure all the family members were photographed in traditional shots. Both sides have many family members and siblings which meant people were selected at handful to come forward for a photograph. |Although my work is candid based it is always a specific part of a wedding day to get the traditional portrait shots.| We found to the back of a the venue the most perfect little private garden when all the family from both sides went for the traditional shots. We managed to get them all which was great!

Then it was time for Sinead and Ashleigh. We took a walk back from the little garden area to the venue and got some great candid shots on the way. Then we was back at the beautiful blue door where I got some beautiful portraits of the two brides. They was so effortlessly beautiful and made my job so easy throughout the entire day to photograph!

A travel back from Hampstead heath to Essex to the Wedding Reception where the Newlyweds had some food, cut their cake, had their first dance and had an entire evening of laughter and love. The buffet spread that was put on at The Railway Hotel tasted so amazing, I did enjoy it I must say! The function room was decorated beautifully with lots of quirky wedding buntings and props and the white sparkly dance floor completed the room!

My experience of Sinead and Ashleigh’s Wedding day was outstanding, a day I will never forget and am so very pleased to be a part of!

I shared a preview image just days after the ceremony and the response I got was unbelievable! Mostly by people falling in love with these two beautiful brides that are so happy and effortlessly in love themselves!

Sinead and Ashleigh booked my full day package and also a photo book to complete it. They blessed me with praise throughout the entire time of sending them previews and once they received their package! They enjoyed their 10 day honeymoon in Santorini and their package was ready 5 days after their return and hand delivered all together.

“Shianne is reliable and easy to get on with, very friendly and it was a pleasure having her there on our big day to capture all our precious moments … The pictures were amazing and we couldn’t be more pleased … it was all presented in this lovely little box with everything inside that was included in our package, was a real nice touch.” – Sinead Redford-Wright



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  2. Samantha says:

    Wow stunning! All of it. The brides. The venue. Cake. Flowers. And especially the photos! Just wow!

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