Back in the late months of 2017 I started out focusing on my lifestyle sessions again and wanted a sample session to begin advertising myself on social media platforms.

What better way than to use the little people in my family? I thought. So thats exactly what I did.

One afternoon we ventured over to The Manor Nature Reserve which is my favourite Forest/Open Air location to shoot. I have grown up around this Nature Reserve and know it like the back of my hand. Their are so many different beautiful parts to explore and I couldn’t wait to create my family sample session there.

The shoot went just as I planned and I got some great shots! The best part of this shoot for me was the colour in the air. The Autumnal feel throughout each shot and of course the most beautiful auburn leaves, which are my favourite!

Although this sample session was covered by my family members I treated it just as I would any other session. They worked the day perfectly being their complete selves and I did my thing around them. A chilled afternoon exploring the forest and climbing tress.

So much fun!

Families are such a joy and I am able to capture such a diverse range of photographs to complete your session.




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