When Sarah contacted me back in January she wished me well and reminded me of her 30th birthday party I photographed back in 2014 which of course I hadn’t forgotten about! Then went on to talk to me about her Spring Wedding that was coming up.

Sarah told me she loved my work then and asked if I am still doing photography and if so, would I be interested in Photography the evening of her wedding? Of course I said yes! Having not had any previous Wedding work, nor thinking this would be a path that I would ever take. This opportunity came to me and I was not going to turn it away!

We exchanged date, times, a location and discussed pricing and what was included. I ensured Sarah my work is far better now than before (as I say I am my own biggest critic) and she was not to be disappointed! She was pleased overall and remembered how laid back I was, almost as though I wasn’t even there. Which went as a huge advantage as she said that her partner wasn’t too keen around the camera.

I arrived at Fennes in Braintree on Friday the 18th May just before 6pm. A beautiful Manor House in Essex with breathtaking gardens, historical quirky interior and a marquee function suite. There I was anxious yet so excited and ready to document an evening of joy, laughter and love.

I began my evening exploring the wonderful grounds I had found myself in and after spotting little children running around two giant ponds separated by a beautiful bridge in the centre with fountains of water either side I knew where I was going to start. I spent my first 20 minutes following the children, hiding in bushes so they didn’t notice me and quite possible looking like a child myself. After getting spotted, we then played games of me being the one to tell the seeker where the hiders were, oh and it was fun! Its times like those I have to remind myself I actually have a job to do.

I found Sarah inside the venue where her evening guests were just beginning to arrive. A beautiful marquee with neutral decor. A scrumptious looking cake to my far right and the cutest hanging vintage style photographs to my left. A selection of round tables and a flow of blush pink throughout.

It was simple and natural, like a breath of fresh air.

I started out observing the space and being the fluttering fly I am and by the end of the evening I had eaten a cheese burger and chips at the head table, danced amongst the guests and become best friends with three little people. I was asked how I knew the couple as though I was friends of theirs and watched the sunset at what felt like a friends Wedding.

The experience overall was out of this world and I felt at comfort within my work. I couldn’t wait to get home and start looking through the photographs from the entire evening.

Sarah and Christopher had my half day package and was thoroughly pleased with the outcome, to which I was too! After sending over a preview of photographs to the newlyweds whilst they was on their honeymoon, they then got them hand delivered within a week of their wedding day.

“Shianne really managed to capture the atmosphere of the evening … at times you wouldn’t even know she was there which is great when your someone who gets nervous around a camera!” – Sarah Roberts