Happy Thursday Everyone! 

Today has been one of those breezy, light sunshine and overall chilled days. Ive enjoyed a layout with my family and an evening of relaxation.

I have been in prep for next weekends Wedding which will be my first full day package of the year so I’m soon excited!

I have started with setting up my website to give everything the go ahead and be able to give my clients a password protected client gallery for availability after their sessions. An ongoing share of all of my experiences throughout my photography journey both personal and with my clients. Including ideas and ways I can always better myself and my services for you all.

Thinking about pro’s and con’s of a long days work results in one of the main cons being the strain my equipment takes on my body throughout my longer sessions, such as Weddings. I have looked into ways I can carry my equipment better and a more suitable way for me.

I found that chest harnesses are so ideal especially for the backache I most definitely suffered at my last wedding. Last night I managed to order a dual screw mount chest harness with padded shoulders in black which seemed perfect for its job. It came today and I am very pleased with the product I received.

Whilst browsing online for all sorts of camera straps I came to the realisation that for the last 3 years of having my current camera I have always kept my branded strap and never thought of an alternative. I see many different straps, leather being quite popular, although I wasn’t too keen on them myself.

As I always describe myself and my interests as ‘Vintage‘ in all things style I thought I would use this keyword to possibly find something that suits me better. I began to search through Amazon using ‘DSLR vintage camera strap’ in my search box and the most amazing strap popped up.

It is beautiful a red and yellow, looks mix cultured and wonderfully stitched. Its wide and soft. Padded and totally comforting. Again, I received this today and it is so fab! I have been told it is so me which is great and I am IN LOVE!

Being so pleased I shared the product on my Instagram to my followers and even got a mention over at Art Tributes Instagram page!

If you would like to purchase this camera strap, head over to the Amazon Link

My new straps have made me that one step further ready for my next sessions and I am excited to use them.

Remember, comfort is always key.

If you have anything that has helped you ‘comfort’ wise or any additional little fab accessory you use then please share your goodness with me!

To me, to you.

SM x