Ignore the title, I used a bit of film inspo as I wasn’t sure what to put but yeah, a high school musical song will do.

Anywho, welcome welcome welcome to my WEBSITE!!!!!

Honestly I have been so excited to set this up and thought yep, today is the day. Even though it has taken a little longer than usual as my daughter decided to cover herself and half the living room in my dark plum lipstick. Ha

I’ve always wanted a website/blog as I loooooooove to write so I’m really happy with the outcome! I do also have a Facebook page and an Instagram page. However, on my Facebook I do only show reviews to the sessions I cover where as here you get a lot more info, a regular update and also a Client Gallery, wahoo! (been super excited about that part)

And it just looks so much better right?

So, here we go. Website is up and running just in time for my two weddings this month. YES! And I’m loving the layout I created, its just how I dreamed and of course, if you have read my bio I am super organised and like to get what I want.

A big Hello to all my new viewers, stay tuned! I am now going to share this friggin’ everywhere and update my links in my bio

SM x